I am eRNIe. I am EMU-ART. I am DVFX. I am ErnMan Productions.

I have been playing music for many years. I took piano lessons as a child. My first keyboard was a Casio SK-1. I still love that one! Here are some of the other equipment I have played with (Yamaha DX100, Casio CZ1000, Sequential Circuits 6 Track, Roland TR505, Roland R5, Yamaha EMP100, Digitech PDS 1002 digital delay, DOD Overdrive preamp, Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer, Power Tracks Pro -Windows 3.1 version, Roland Alpha Juno-1, Korg Poly-61, Casio FZ-1).

I am now only using Reason 9.0 with an M-Audio CODE 49 controller, having upgraded since 2.0. Reason is wonderful. It's like having all of my equipment together without MIDI problems and you can save it all!

I have been listening to electronic music since I got my first LP, Donna Summer - 'I Remember Yesterday'. the bass in "I Feel Love" blew my mind away. I was about 13 at the time. That's when I knew, I loved the sound of electronic music. Then I found DEVO, DAF, Depeche Mode, and joined the German electronic music revolution of the 80's. I always keep up with all electronic music, good and bad.

Hope you enjoy my stuff. I really like making it, and am going to start sharing more of it. Thanks!